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Digital Shelf Content Accelerator

Donatello Arm’s DiSCA service was created to provide a cost-effective and seamless solution to video production in the increasingly competitive ecommerce landscape. Recognizing that traditional video production can be complex and expensive, we have strived to simplify the pre-production process and bring forward an easily digestible template that captures the most effective aspects of video creation. Our objective is to deliver high-quality, impactful videos without compromising on efficiency and affordability, empowering businesses to elevate their brand stories and engage their audience more effectively.

The DiSCA Process

Experience the future of digital content with Donatello Arm’s Digital Shelf Content Accelerator (DiSCA). Our proprietary service focuses on producing and optimizing video assets to drive performance. With DiSCA, expect to scale your content development, meet your retailer’s requirements, and expedite your product optimization, all tailored to the best-in-class eCommerce standards our clients have come to expect.

Select the product, type of DiSCA video, and the channel you will be upoading to. Donatello will research category dynamics to help influence video selection. This step ensures we tailor our service to your unique requirements.