The Donatello Arm opens all sorts of new creative ways to concept and imagine what’s possible with still life. We were blown away by the artistry that they bring to this amazing innovation in camera rigging. And the fact that it’s possible at a fraction of what it would cost with any other method, means we can not only make new ideas happen, but we can do more with less.

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Brian Flatow, Chief Miner, Girardville Miners' Cooperative
Using the Donatello Arm to bring my handbag to life was something I never imagined. It makes me feel like I am viewing my bag from a helicopter or drone from above. The way it’s filmed/shot brings attention to detail that I didn’t think was possible in a product shot. It elevates the elegance, class and detail to the product that brings a value you cannot put into numbers.

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Lauren Cecchi, CEO & Creative Director, Lauren Cecchi New York